The word on the street

"I don't even know where to start.  Give these people your money. Now. It is the BEST investment you could possibly make on your day. Heck, I would pay Jason just to be at my wedding. 
I don't do photos. They don't like me and I don't like them. But somehow Jason creates an environment that feels safe and almost magical when he's taking your picture. He catches living breathing moments as they happen. That is something you can't put a price on. Jason adds peace, order, and the perfect amount of fun to even the most stressful moments. Trust his artistry. Allison is so on the ball at all times and will always be there to make helpful suggestions and provide nearly immediate responses. That has such a powerful effect on a person's stress level in the planning process. These two have a gift for what they do." ~Elizabeth



"Where to begin with Jason and Allison. Flawless would be a good word to describe everything. Allison and Jason make a wonderful team. We talked mostly to Allison, and our emails were answered promptly and with all the information we needed. Many times I was freaking out about wedding related things and she was the calm voice to assure me everything would be fine. And everything turned out to be more than just fine! It was all amazing. With Jason at our wedding- we felt like he was one of our closest friends just there to hang out with us, but that he also happened to have a camera. He so professional and awesome. So many of my friends and family approached me after the wedding to tell me, "Your photographer is AMAZING. He didn't miss anything." And they were right. We just got our photos last night and he literally didn't miss anything. Every single moment of the day was captured and we got to relive it all. I cannot say enough good things about Jason Domingues Photography. There is no one else on the planet that could have done a better job!"  ~Kristina


"Nick and I continue to reminisce about our wedding. Every time we talk about it, your names come up in our conversation. After all the vendors we talked to and dealt with, you both were our favorites. Allison, you made the process of scheduling and talking with you about what we wanted so EASY! And Jason, Nick loves how calm, cool, and collected you were. It made his nerves about the whole day stay down! We are so thankful to have had such an amazing team being a part of our special day!" ~Michelle 


"Jason is the total package when it comes to photographers. He went above and beyond to take care of me during the day. He made my stresses, his stresses. Not only did he take amazing photos that I have to document our wedding, he kept everyone on time and in line so I didn't have to worry for one second. Jason did both our engagement and wedding photos, and they are so unique, and so different. He looks for special moments, really dives in and learns about you, and then makes your pictures reflect that. If that is what you're looking for, Jason is the perfect photographer."  ~Kelsey


"Jason and Allison are amazing to work with and the quality of service/photos they produce are beyond amazing!! We worked with Allison throughout the planning process and she was always very helpful even with things that aren't centered around the pictures. The pictures were more than we ever expected and we are so happy that we chose to work with Jason and Allison. Jason made us look like a million dollars!! Not only did he take amazing pictures, but he was a blast to have around on the day of. Jason and Allison made the most amazing day of our lives last forever...and no one can top that!! We officially found a photographer for life! We will always be sure to have Jason capture the important moments in our lives. We recommend Jason and Allison to anyone who is looking for photographer for anything!" ~Emily

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"I really want to thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for us/me throughout this entire process. Though we knew we wanted to work with you since before we even got engaged, I could not have imagined how wonderfully helpful you'd be. I know I didn't hit you  [Allison] up very much, but the times that I did, your suggestions and reassurances were more than helpful and sweet, they were game changers. From listing some ceremony ideas for our non traditional wedding, to calming me the F down when I was freaking out the week before the wedding, you surpassed simply being a great vendor, to standing in as a friend, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.  You are both amazing at your job, and amazing as people. I really could not have gotten through this without you.  Thank you so much!" ~Leigh [and Patrick, he feels the same way]


"Jason was amazing throughout the ENTIRE process! I was so blessed to get to work with him! He is so talented and saw the little things throughout the day and documented all of it for me. But this isn't the most amazing thing about Jason. He made me feel so at ease and has an "I got this" type of attitude. I tend to be a bit high strung, but on my wedding day, Jason took the reins and let me relax and enjoy, so I could just follow him along without the need to orchestrate every detail that he already knew I wanted.  He listened to my husband and I and delivered as promised, and then some! I have recommended him to my closest friends and I'd do it all again!" ~Emmalyn


"I cannot say enough how much my husband and I and our family/friends enjoyed Jason Domingues Photography!  We reviewed the website and just fell in love. No fake poses, just real emotion. My husband and I have been to many weddings of our friends, and all of our married friends continued to say "put time into finding your photographer". They all agreed that the pictures are what you will want to hold onto and you want to be happy with the results. We did just that. We met with Jason and Allison and had a great meeting. The family run team has an ease and professionalism that made us feel like we were in great hands. After the wedding we received so much positive feedback from friends and family about Jason. They all saw what we did; a great person with great talent. Everyone was just so comfortable with him!! We highly recommend Jason Domingues Photography for events in and out of state. You will not regret it!"  ~Rachel


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