Q] Are engagement sessions really that helpful?
A] Yep, but it’s totally your call. Some of our clients have photographer friends who want to take their engagement photos, and some people just don’t really care about them. But the main purpose of an engagement session is to get to know your photographer before the big day, and this is absolutely the best way to do that.

Q] Do you offer other custom pricing for things like full wedding weekend coverage or other “out of the ordinary” events?
A] Of course! Just shoot us an email and we can set up a consult to talk about your day. We’ll come up with the perfect package just for you.

Q] Do you do destination weddings and/or engagement sessions?
A] We certainly do! We have shot all over the U.S. and out of the country, as well. And it’s surprisingly affordable. Contact us for the 411!

Q] Do you mind if our family members take photos at the wedding and reception?
A] Of course not! Tell Uncle Bob to snap away all he wants. We will never tell your family to put their cameras away, and if their flashes are affecting our photos, we will just ask them to hold off for a quick second until we get our shot.

Q] Will you help us figure out how much time we need to shoot all the different parts of our day?
A] Yep. About one month before your big day, we will send you an online information form to fill out. We will use that to design the full schedule for the day, and will then have a final meeting [either in person or via phone/email]. We shoot weddings every weekend, and know just how to make it totally easy and stress free for you.

Q] How long will you stay at our reception?
A] As long as there is something going on that hasn’t already been captured. The average reception can be covered in approximately 2-3 hours. It all just depends on your particular party. If it goes all night, and there is always something new to shoot, we’ll be there as long as it takes!


Q] How long does it take to have our photos posted, and how will they be delivered to us if we get the high res files?
A] We really pride ourselves on a quick turnaround and don’t like to make our clients wait. We know how excited you will be to get your photos! Portrait sessions are generally edited and posted within 2 days to 1 week from the date of the session. Once they are posted to your gallery, they will be active for at least 2 weeks. You can order any prints and/or gallery wrapped canvases directly from your online gallery, or contact us directly to order the high res files. If you order the high res files, we will send them directly to you via a downloadable link. Just download them right to your computer, and you’re good to go!

Q] What should we wear for our session?
A] Because it is important for your photos to be an accurate representation of who you are, your clothing should too! Dress as you normally dress [and if you want...bump it up one notch in the fun department]. If you are a jeans and t-shirt family...wear jeans and t-shirts! You want to be comfortable and feel like “you”. It is totally ok to mix and match colors and patterns, and to have fun with accessories like scarves, hats, fun shoes, etc. The only things we tell you to avoid are large logos, and matchy-matchy [everyone in the same outfit]. Other than that, it’s free game! Have fun with it!

Q] What if my baby/kid is in a horrible mood during our session?
A] We will speak with you prior to your session to try and find the time of day that your child is usually in the best spirits. But sometimes kids just cry or throw fits. And isn’t that true of almost every day? That’s the beauty of the way we shoot. Every photo doesn’t need to show a perfect, smiley, happy kid. Cause that’s not real life. If your babe starts crying or decides he wants to stick his tongue out at us, we’ll shoot that too..cause that’s your kid! Remember, it’s about documenting your life...just as it is...right now.

Q] If we don’t want to shoot at our home, will you help us pick a location?
A] Sure! We always try to get you to think about places that you love and that mean something to you.There are no rules as to where we can shoot! Think outside the box here! But, if you just can’t come up with anything, we can certainly help you out. We will speak with you to figure out what general style you are going for, and we’ll make suggestions from there!

Q] What if we have planned on doing our session outside somewhere, and the weather is bad that day?
A] The best thing to do is reschedule, and we are always more than happy to do that for you. While you might think that the best thing to do would be to just shoot in our studio instead, you will be much happier with your photos when all is said and done if we can shoot where you want. We want you to LOVE your photos, so if Mother Nature doesn’t want to cooperate on the day of your session, we’ll just wait a few days until she does!

Q] Can we change clothes?
A] You can, but be aware that it can disrupt the flow of the session and be tiring, especially for little ones. Generally speaking, clothing changes aren’t necessary for family sessions, but if you really want to, just let us know.

Q] What is the difference between a regular session and a "special", like your famous 30 in 30s?
A] A regular session has no specific time limit. Jason will be there as long as it takes to get everything he needs. And then afterwards, when your images are posted, you can order just what you want [prints, files, etc]. Our "special" sessions that we periodically offer, sometimes come with digital files [sometimes just a few, sometimes more], but they always have a time limit [i.e. 30 minutes, for 30 in 30 sessions]. So, there are pros and cons of each option. We are happy to help you figure out what will work best for your family.


Q] Do you offer gift cards?
A] Absolutely! Gift cards are available in any amount, or for any product or service. Gift cards are non-refundable once purchased, but will always be valid for the amount paid until the expiration date [stated on the certificate].

Q] Who do I make checks out to and where do I send them?
A] Jason Domingues | 6104 Johnson Dr. | Mission, KS | 66202

Q] Do you take credit cards?
A] Yep! Just email us for more information on credit card payments.