Hollis and Scott | Bloomington Illinois Engagement Session

Hollis and Scott | Bloomington Illinois Engagement Session

The second stop on our recent engagement session tour was Bloomington, IL. There, we met up with Hollis and Scott, and we had an absolute blast!

We started things off at their home. We were really hoping their cat, Ron, would be cooperative for a few photos. . .but you know. . .cat. He even got a SoftPaws mani/pedi for the session! Sidenote, we are HUGE fans of pets with human names [preferably kind of old fashioned, traditional names]. We have a cat named Stan, and we think Stan and Ron would be fast friends.

After torturing Ron for probably 2 minutes too long, we headed outside to the lake that’s behind their house to spend a little time. It’s so pretty there. No wonder they chose that home!

And finally, we ventured into downtown Bloomington for a while. We wanted to hit up their favorite hangout, Rosie’s Pub, but alas. . .it was closed. But we loved their second choice, Keg Grove Brewing Company. . .KGBC. They got some great beer, we got some great photos. It was a win-win!

Hollis and Scott, thank you for letting us hang with you in your home city for a while. We can’t wait for December!

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