Soltz Family | First Day of School

The Soltzes have been part of our world since mom and dad got married in 2007. And since then, we have gotten to witness and document the birth of their two little munchkins, and countless special family moments. But this one might take the cake.

If you have kids, you probably remember when they went off to school for the first time. It’s such a monumental occasion, and while most parents are excited for their kiddos, it’s also so hard to let them go! We are so thankful that they let us into their world, yet again, to capture everything that happened on this special morning. These photos truly do speak for themselves, so we will just step back and let the story unfold for you.

Lisa, Aaron, Leah, and Jacob. . .thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us be a tiny part of your family. It is truly an honor.

What kind of family stories do you want to tell? We would love to be part of it!