Kellyn and Tony | Kansas City Wedding at Weston Red Barn Farm

On the day Kellyn married Tony, big thunderstorms were in the forecast. We had been watching it all week, and were almost certain Plan B would have to be put in place. But some way. . .somehow. . . the bad weather held off and they ended up having the most perfect day ever out at Weston Red Barn Farm.

There was a LOT that we loved about this wedding, but in the interest of fewer words so you can get on to the good stuff [aka the photos], here’s our top 5:

1.] The jumping tradition they and their friends have at weddings. We don’t usually initiate jumping shots, but who are we to say “no” if someone asks for it? And these guys seem to have reached expert jumper status with all their practice, so we were 100% game.

2.] The abundance of sweet moments between Kellyn and her parents. As an only child, what a special day this must have been for all of them.

3.] The stunning simplicity of their cake. White cake. Succulents. Boom.

4.] The killer cocktails by Cordial Craft. If you’re gonna serve drinks at your wedding, make ‘em good folks.

5.] How they combined their two last names [Smith and Bell] to become the Bellsmiths. I mean, seriously…how cool is that?!?

Kellyn and Tony [ahem. . .Mr. and Mrs. Bellsmith], we were so honored to be there on your wedding day. We wish you a lifetime of love!!!

Wedding and Reception | Weston Red Barn Farm

Event Planner | Savoir Faire

Hair + Makeup | Annie DeVol Artistry

Flowers | Pendleton’s Country Market

Catering | Brancato’s

Cake | Sugar & Spice Catering

Bar | Cordial Craft

DJ | HiRise Entertainment

Rentals | Vintage Rentals KC

What are you planning for your big day? We’d love to hear about it!