Erica and Tarah | Kansas City Wedding at The Bauer

Who plans a Monday wedding? Erica and Tarah. . .that’s who. And we freaking loved it. I mean, why not? Basically, everything about their day was done exactly how they wanted it to be done. And that’s how we believe every wedding should be, folks.

The Bride & The Bauer, in downtown Kansas City, was the backdrop for all of the events of their day. They focused on surrounding themselves with the family and friends who care about and support them the most, and when all is said and done, what else can you really ask for?

It was a perfect day of love, laughter, comfy shoes, and a bit of whiskey. And we bet they’d do it all over again. We know we would.

Ceremony + Reception | The Bride & The Bauer

Catering | Mission Taco Joint

Cake + Dessert | Petals & Pastries

Video | Lost Thought Productions

Have you ever considered doing something out of the ordinary for your wedding? Let’s taco bout it!