Arianna and Buck | Kansas City Engagement Session

Arianna and Buck | Kansas City Engagement Session

It’s engagement week, here on the blog, and first up is Arianna and Buck! These two, who both originally hail from California, had moved to KC for their first jobs out of college. They started on the same day, at the same company, and, you guessed it. . .the rest is history!

One of their favorite things to do is to spend time walking around their neighborhood in the evenings with their [freaking adorable] dog, Brady. So that’s exactly how we started their session! When they aren’t hanging out close to home, they love to head to the Plaza for date night.

They are counting down the days until this fall, when they will officially become husband and wife. We’re counting down with you, guys. . .we can’t wait!

How did you meet your significant other? We’d love to tell your story too!