Elizabeth and Brock | Excelsior Springs Wedding at Flander Hall

When Elizabeth initially contacted us about shooting her wedding, one of the very first things she said was that she loved how our photos "capture emotion so beautifully".  Whenever someone can see that when looking at an image...feel it, really...there's not much more that a photographer needs to hear . 

After all, images are how we communicate with the rest of the world.  It's how we tell the stories that unfold before our eyes every single day.  And emotion is at the heart of that. 

We didn't really know what to expect when we showed up on Elizabeth and Brock's wedding day, as we had never met either one of them in person before.  That is definitely not the norm for us, but it usually happens at least once every year.  Of course, we really had nothing to worry about, knowing that authenticity and emotion are what really matter to this couple. 

Sometimes wedding days are teeming with laughter and playfulness, and you can literally feel it jumping off the page.  But sometimes the quiet stolen moments...the teeny little snippets...are what tell the tale.  This lovely day was one special story made up of a million of those quiet little moments, and we will be forever thankful that we got to witness each and every one of them. 

Elizabeth and Brock, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for inviting us to be part of those moments.  It was truly an honor.

Getting Ready | The Elms Hotel and Spa

Ceremony and Reception | Flander Hall

Catering | Scrumptious Catering

Dessert | Whimsy Cheesecakes

DJ | Entertainment To Go