Soltz Family | Studio Session

I was literally smiling from ear to ear the whole time I was designing this post.  I don't know if it was the happy red backdrop, the killer smiles on these little munchkin's faces, or the Halloween cuteness overload...I just couldn't stop smiling! 

Ok, who am I kidding?  The red has absolutely nothing to do with it.  We could have put these monkeys in front of a back alley dumpster and they would still look adorable. 

We have been with this family for such a long time now, I think they are officially "lifers".  From their wedding back in 2007, to the birth of the twinsies...we've kind of been there for it all.  And finally...FINALLY the littles think Jason [I mean Mr. Jason] is the cat's meow.  I mean, they are ALL about having their pictures taken [#professionalposers]. Vogue by Madonna may or may not have been playing during this session. 

Anyway, I hope this one makes you smile as much as it did me.  If it doesn't, there might be something wrong with you.