Jess and Blake | Kansas City Engagement

Jess and Blake are another awesome couple who found us at The Big Reveal.  And thank goodness they did.  Or we wouldn't have gotten to shoot this engagement session.  With their cat. 

I mean, we love dogs, and a lot of our couples bring their canine babies along for their sessions.  But these two took it to the next level.  And it worked.  This is not to say that Cyrus Jones the doggie was not TOTALLY adorable and is just as much a part of their family.  I mean, just look at that face, and those ears, and that bowtie!  But Huey the cat stole the show.  He just couldn't help it. 

We started out this session in Art Alley...because graffiti.  Then it was on to the grounds of Liberty Memorial for the best family photos of all time.  And finally, back to their neighborhood for a little wine tasting. 

You guys...we CAN'T WAIT for your big day next April.  Will Huey be walking down the aisle that day too?