Leigh and Patrick | Kansas City Wedding

Ever since October 6, 2016, we have been chomping at the bit to share this story with you.  That was the day Leigh and Patrick first reached out to us about photographing their wedding.  We had worked with them in the past [they are both extremely talented musicians], and we have had the honor of working with them at several weddings over the years.  But this was different.  Now it was THEIR turn to get married, and we were OVER THE MOON that out of all the stellar photographers in this great city, they chose us. 

Some days and some stories are just so so good, that even the most simple and mundane moments are worthy of being shared with the world.  Kids slowly eating popsicles on a front porch, a wheelbarrow being pulled across a yard, chatting with family while tending the meat in the smoker...they are things all of us have done before, and probably not given much thought to.  But on this day, the anticipation of what was to come made these moments a little more special. 

Everyone who was there knows just how much Leigh and Patrick love each other, and they knew it was a privilege to be there to witness them starting their new life together.  I mean, these two just get it.  This day wasn't about a big fancy party in a ballroom.  It wasn't about going deep into debt for decorations and limos and a 10 tiered cake.  It was about creating a ceremony, full of special rituals and traditions, that would usher them into their marriage, while being surrounded by those they love the most. 

A few days before the wedding, the forecast was looking pretty bleak.  Not just a little rain, but heavy storms, high winds, the whole shebang.  And of course, this celebration was scheduled to take place at Patrick's family farm.  Outside.  But they weren't going to let that stop them.  And somehow the wedding gods held off the rain until after the ceremony, but just barely. 

They had so many special things planned, everyone's fingers were crossed.  They took part in a ceremony where they tasted four flavors that represent different emotions within a relationship...sour, bitter, hot, and sweet. Each flavor represents the highs and lows that come with marriage...ending in sweetness.   They also did a ring warming.  This one is a personal favorite of ours.  Their rings were passed among all their family and friends and each person was able to hold them and "warm them" with a wish, blessing, or prayer for their marriage.  And of course, they ended their ceremony by jumping the broom. 

Just look at the joy on her beautiful face.  Nobody has a smile quite like Leigh.  She even took the mic for a little while at her own party. And her new father-in-law hugging her and getting all teary eyed?  We can't even.  We're making some plans to go back out with these two to get some portraits we weren't able to get on the wedding day, due to the monsoon.  And we will come back here and share those with you too!  But honestly, with a story like this, portraits are an afterthought.  Don't you agree? 

Leigh and Patrick, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to be part of your celebration.  We can't even begin to explain what an honor it has been.  

Ceremony and Reception | The Adams Family Farm

Catering | Sauce Optional

Dessert | Nothing Bundt Cakes