Michelle and Nick | Kansas City Wedding at The Aspen Room at The Stanley

Sometimes you get to shoot a wedding for a couple who just gets it.  This was one of those weddings.  Two people who are just so kind and gracious...and most importantly, over the moon in love with each other. 

Michelle and Nick spent the early part of their day relaxing and getting ready for the big moment when he would see her walking down the aisle.  These days, not everyone waits for that moment, and we always kind of like it when people do. 

After a lovely ceremony, it was time to grab some portraits before heading off to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs. L.!  Their party was chock full of funny moments, and touching tributes, and we got to see it all firsthand. 

One of our very favorite parts of the entire day was the special Father of the Bride dance.  Michelle's father has passed away, but she is such a lucky girl to have some amazing men...stand in fathers, if you will...in her life.  And she got to dance with all of them.  We can just imagine how proud her dad was looking down on that, and knowing that everyone is taking such great care of his baby girl. 

Michelle and Nick, thank you so very much for inviting into your lives for a little while.  It was a privilege to tell your story.