Wally Went To Lawrence

For any of you who have spent a little time on this blog, you might be familiar with this family.  We photographed Minh-Tu and David's wedding back in 2012, and we are now soooo lucky to get to document their life with sweet, little Wally.  I mean, we are seriously lucky.  Just look at that face!!! 

We are currently about halfway through a "Year in the Life" with this adorable threesome, and for session #2, they decided to throw it back.  And it's good....so so good.  Let me explain.  When Minh-Tu and David were engaged, we made the trek out to Lawrence, KS for their engagement session.  It is a very special place to them, and for good reason.  They have a bit of a history there, but most importantly, it was where David executed possibly the best proposal of all time.  What he did [wait for it] was write, illustrate and PUBLISH a book [yes...an actual book] that he planned to use when he asked her to be his wife.  THEN, he went to the Dusty Bookshelf, and put the book on the shelf.  Like, with all the other books.  When they went in there, she found the book, and he proceeded to read it to her and propose [see below].  Told you it was good.  Afterwards, we hit up some of their favorite spots around town and on campus, and of course, there was confetti.  Duh. 

SO, like I said, this is a TBS [throwback session].  This is basically their entire engagement session, reproduced, now starring their adorable little dude.  If you know what's good for you, you'll go take a look at the original session, so you can fully appreciate what's going on here.  But if you don't, we won't hold it against you, and you'll probably still enjoy this. 

Minh-Tu, thank you for being so awesome [as usual], and suggesting this.  It was absolutely PERFECT.  So um, how are we gonna top this with session #3?

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