Caitlin and Kaleb | Kansas City Engagement

Caitlin and Kaleb met while they were both attending Iowa State University.  [Side note...Ames is a super cool town.  If you haven't been, you should totally go.]  Anyhoo, they were both at the party of a mutual friend, and ended up being beer pong champions.  I mean, if that doesn't bring two people together, I don't know what will.  Now, let's fast forward a little bit.  Caitlin's birthday is February 14th, so as you can imagine, it could be juuuust a bit tricky getting a dinner reservation on that day.  So, February 13th it was.  She knew that Kaleb was taking her out for dinner that night, and she was a teeny tiny bit peeved that he had waited too long to make the reservation, therefore not being able to get a table for the 14th, and having to settle for the 13th instead.  When she got home from work, Kaleb already had Cruz [aka the dog...aka the star of the show...see below] ready to go for a walk.  Basically, the first image might just be the one of our favorite images of all time.  The threesome walked around their neighborhood and ended up down at the Town of Kansas Pedestrian Bridge.  You guys know the one...the cool bridge down by the riverfront where lots of people take pictures. I never knew what it was actually called, so yay for learning something new today!  Before Caitlin knew what hit her, Kaleb was down on one knee, and she said "Yes!".  Of course, this was all part of his plan.  Dinner followed [see above], and all was right in the world.  And yes...since Kaleb had actually made this reservation as an "engagement celebration", he also took her out for dinner on her actual birthday/Valentine's Day/never will he ever forget her birthday day.  What a guy.  These two will tie the knot next May, and we just. can't. wait!