Hanyu and Byung | Kansas City Engagement

We have never done [and will never do] traditional bridal shows.  They are a great resource for a lot of people, but they just don't align with our typical clients and how we work.  BUT, we were invited to take part in a non-traditional and super cool "bridal show" [a vendor mingle, as they call it] called The Big Reveal.  And we are so glad we accepted their invitation...because that is where we met Hanyu and Byung.  These two came up to chat with us, and ultimately decided they wanted us to be the ones to photograph their wedding. Yay! When we started planning their engagement session, we asked them [like we do all of our couples] how they spend their time together, where they like to hang out, and what they like to do.  We feel it is important to try to make each session as personal as possible, so that it really reflects the couple and their relationship.  These guys said they are pretty quiet and love hanging out at home, in their comfies, with their adorable little doggie [shout out to my fellow homebodies!]. So that is naturally where we started out.  When they do go out, they love heading downtown...and who doesn't, right?  Downtown KC is where it's at, these days!  All in all, we just had a great time getting to know them a little more, and we are even more excited for their wedding this spring.  Thanks for spending the afternoon with us guys...we can't wait for May 13th!