Kelly + Cory + Kids | Kansas City Day in the Life

All of us think to take photos on important occasions.  Birthdays, Christmas, Graduation...  But what about all those other days of the year?  The vast majority of the year.  All those days where all the really good stuff happens.  The little everyday things that are so awesome and special, and that really define our life...but that nobody ever thinks about documenting.  Well, we think about it all the time, and shooting Day in the Life sessions is one of our VERY FAVORITE things in the entire world.  Kelly and Cory wanted us to come and document one of their normal Saturday mornings at home.  You know, breakfast together, everyone hanging out, probably a little fighting among siblings.  And then, they bundled up and went off in search of their Christmas tree.  They laughed and played around the tree farm, and of course found the most perfect tree ever.  Man...this is the really good stuff.jason_domingues_photography_day_in_the_life_session_family_-portraits_documentary_fulks_tree_farm_christmas_0001jason_domingues_photography_day_in_the_life_session_family_-portraits_documentary_fulks_tree_farm_christmas_0002

Fulk's Tree Farm