Watson Family

We don't even know where to begin with these incredible people.  We met Sheila [Annie's mom, and Grandma to the littles] many years ago when she owned a shop that we frequented.  We immediately fell in love with her personality and her heart.  This woman is inspiring, to say the least.  

A bit down the road, we were privileged to meet her daughter, Annie.  Annie is proof of what an amazing mom and woman Sheila is.  Well, eventually, Annie married Max, they had three beautiful babes, and here we are today!  Annie is most definitely taking after her mother in the "awesome mom" department, and we couldn't be more thrilled that we get to meet up with them a few times a year to document their beautiful little family.  And getting to have Miss Sheila there this time...what a treat!  

Annie recently said that she loves that we "capture her family in such an authentic way".  We honestly can't think of a better compliment.  Thank you, Annie, Sheila, and Max for trusting us to capture images of you and your gorgeous little ones.  Until next time...