Hoa and Joel | Lincoln, NE Tea Ceremony

Hoa [known to some as Rose] is a fellow KC photographer who asked us to take a jaunt up to Lincoln, NE to document her and Joel's Vietnamese Tea Ceremony/wedding.  Over the past several years, shooting tea ceremonies [Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese] has become one of our very favorite things. There are just so many rich and beautiful traditions, special moments between family members, and of course, like every wedding....celebrating the new married couple!  Hoa and Joel planned a fun and very relaxed and laid back day surrounded by all the people they love the most.  We had a wonderful time, and are so grateful that they entrusted us with the task of telling their story.  Here's to many many years of love, happiness, health and wealth, you two! jason_domingues_photography_vietnamese_tea_ceremony_best_kansas_city_wedding_photographer_lincoln_1jason_domingues_photography_vietnamese_tea_ceremony_best_kansas_city_wedding_photographer_lincoln_2jason_domingues_photography_vietnamese_tea_ceremony_best_kansas_city_wedding_photographer_lincoln_3