Megan and Caleb | Kansas City Engagement

Megan and Caleb are getting married in January.  They love each, a lot.  And these are the photos that celebrate their engagement.  Like we've written about before, it is a huge priority for us to make sure that the locations we select for our couples' engagement sessions actually mean something to them.  That they are favorite hang outs, date spots,  or have some kind of significant meaning in their lives.  Anybody can plop people in front of some iconic building, or fountain, or in the middle of some park, and take a few photos.  But what's the point, if those places don't mean anything to the people IN the photos?  Wedding days are very important.  Obviously.  But they are also "special event" days.  They aren't where the couple will wear their normal clothes, or do the things they would do in their normal everyday lives.  That's what the engagement session is for!  Telling the story of a couple...and what their life is like right now.  After-all, these normal everyday events and routines will be long forgotten someday.  But just think how awesome it will be for them to have photos of the two of them, doing what they normally do. Going where they normally go.  Right now.  And being able to share those photos with their children and grandchildren someday.  This is the good stuff, guys.  Caleb is a firefighter, and it is his passion.  It's a deeply ingrained part of his life.  So, the very first thing these two told us is that they wanted to go to the Firefighters Fountain and Memorial to start their session.  Brilliant, we said!  We also found out about the 1977 lime green Ford F150 that is Caleb's baby [second only to Megan, of course].  This old gal HAD to have a part in their session.  And what a part she had.  Possibly the star of the show....don'tcha think? Finally, they told us," We love Kansas City and we love beer." DONE and DONE. We hope you enjoy this little glimpse into Megan and Caleb's life.  We can't wait for January! jason_domingues_photography_best_kansas_city_photographer_engagement_session