The Cutest Family in the World

You would think that after 9 years of photographing the same people, we might run out of things to say or stories to tell.  Not so with these guys.  Their wedding in 2007 was the beginning of this beautiful relationship, and we kinda love them like no others.  Apparently they at least like us a little bit too.  After-all, they let us into their hospital room when they were getting ready to give birth to these two little monkeys.  That means they like us, right?  After they were born, we thought they might be the cutest little people we had ever seen. Maybe even cuter than our own.  But we didn't know what cute was.  Every...single...time we shoot them, they are 1000 times more adorable than the last.  Seriously...just look at them!  Can you even???  Oh the plans we have for these two...first day of school, prom, high school graduation, weddings...Until next time, Soltz Family.jason_domingues_photography_best_kansas_city_photographer_family_session_union_station_kc