Gibson Family

Gah, it feels good to be coming out of hiding.  Getting back to shooting after another long winter.  The grass is green, there are leaves on the trees, and spring is in the air!  And what a way to start off our season.  This's hard to even know where to begin.  We have been photographing Patty and Jarian since before their wedding, which took place in 2010.  And we are so fortunate that they have chosen to continue working with us over the years to document their sweet little babes.  Can't. Even. Handle. The. Cuteness.  Their little curls, mischievous smiles, and the glasses!  Oh, the glasses!  Technically this session was Xavier's final session for his Year in the Life, but we always make it a bit of a family affair.  Man, it's no fun when these years come to a close. We will just have to keep coming up with other reasons so these fun sessions never have to end! jason_domingues_photography_best_kansas_city_photographer_family_portraits_documentary_nelson_atkins_museum_kc