Tim and Scott | Kansas City Wedding

When you have been in a relationship with someone for 25 years, you know, more intimately than anyone else, all of the things [big and little] that make up the very fibers of that person you love so much.  The strengths and weaknesses.  Likes and dislikes. Talents and shortcomings.  And while some days are joyous and filled with hope, others find you feeling angry and frustrated...even desperate at times.  Yet, you would not change a single thing.   You cannot imagine yourself as the other half of a partnership with anyone else.  You gladly accept all of the sad times, because they are offset by the happy ones.  The challenging times because they are balanced out by the effortless ones.  This is love.  A true and lifelong love for another person that is hard to completely comprehend, unless you have experienced it yourself.  Tim and Scott are a beautiful and genuine example of this kind of love.  And after committing so much of their lives to one another, they were finally able to make that commitment legal and binding.  So many of us take this right this for granted, never giving it much thought or concern.  These two have probably thought about it more than most of us will ever know. So many of us enter into this experience of marriage bound by trepidation and uncertainty.  Dipping one toe in first, to make sure the water is ok. These two jumped in with both feet, hearts and minds confident and fearless.  On this beautiful January day, 40 of Tim and Scott's most cherished friends and family members gathered in one of their favorite spots to witness them jumping in...and it could not have been more perfect.  Their rings were passed around the room, so that each person could "warm" them with love and blessings for their marriage.  Words and stories were shared that brought people to tears.  And of course, drinks were flowing, hugs were contagious, and laughter filled the air, because this was, after all, a day of true celebration.  It was an honor and a gift to witness and be inspired by their story, and it fills us with hope and optimism for our own marriage [almost 19 years!]. We hope it might inspire you also...to love better.  With less hesitation.  With more conviction.  So go ahead...really love the person you love.  Speak it and show it...every single day.  And then jump in with both feet.  Life is too short to sit on the edge and dip one toe. jason_domingues_photography_best_wedding_photographer_kansas_city_parkville_cafe_des_amis_1



Ceremony and Lunch | Café des Amis

Music | Beau Bledsoe