Tracy and Geoffrey | Kansas City Wedding

When Tracy and Geoffrey started planning their December wedding, we're sure that the last thing on their minds was that it would be a beautiful and balmy 60 degree day.  60 degrees in December?  In Kansas City?  Well, that's just crazy talk.  But crazy or not, that's what they got. Such lucky ducks!  Tracy and Geoffrey [and their families] are such lovely, kind, and welcoming people, and we are so thrilled that we had the opportunity to work with them, and tell their story.  They had a beautiful, traditional ceremony at St. Peter's Catholic Church, and then partied the night away at The Intercontinental.  One of our favorite things about this day, was going to Tracy's family home for some portraits.  While that may seem like a small and insignificant detail to others, it will likely be one of the most special memories for Tracy, many years from now.  One other thing that is definitely worth a mention is Jack, the ring bearer.  If the photo of that 6 month old little man in his tux and teeny weeny dress shoes don't bring a smile to your face...well...we don't know what will.  Tracy and Geoffrey, thank you for including us in your day.  It was a true pleasure, and we wish you many many years of happiness.  Congratulations!!! jason_domingues_photography_best_kansas_city_wedding_photographer_intercontinental_1