Meador Family

Way back in the olden days...aka 2004, when shooting weddings was the absolute FARTHEST thing from our minds, Kevin and Leslie approached us and asked if we would consider shooting their wedding.  The answer was an affirmative "NO WAY".  There was nothing/zilch/nada about shooting weddings that appealed to us.  No way, Jose.  Well, long story short, they ended up being pretty persuasive and eventually convinced us to go buy lots of film and show up to document one of the most important days of their lives. There may or may not have been some nervous car-side barfing that occurred upon our arrival.  But show up, we did.  And we have the sweet sweet photos to prove it.  Little did we know...that one day would alter the course of our professional lives forever.  As it turns out, we fell in love with love.  Love between two people who have made the conscious decision to merge their two lives into one.  And we never looked back.  Now, 12 years later, these two dear friends of ours have grown their family x 3.  They are still just as much in love with each other [if not more] than they were on that October day, so long ago.  And these three beautiful children are living proof of that.  What a gift it is to be able to not only witness the birth and growth of a love story like this, but to be able to put that story into photos that will keep it preserved forever.  Meador children...if blogs are still a thing when you are all grown, come back here every now and then to remind yourselves of where you began.  And then give us a call so we can come and document your children. We'd like to keep this story going forever. jason_domingues_photography_best_kansas_city_photographer_family_portraits_1jason_domingues_photography_best_kansas_city_photographer_family_portraits_3jason_domingues_photography_best_kansas_city_photographer_family_portraits_2