Emily and Miles | Loveland, CO Wedding

We don't even know where to begin with these two.  Perhaps it is because they are family and we love them dearly, or maybe it's because this engagement and wedding was such a long time coming [thank you Miles for finally popping the question!], or most likely because they are, quite simply, two of our very favorite people in the whole wide world.  Either way, their love story is a long and beautiful one, and their wedding weekend couldn't have been more perfect.  After having been documenting weddings for about 11 years, one thing we have learned [that has now become advice we give engaged couples on a regular basis] is that the weddings that turn out the best, when all is said and done, are the ones where the couples did things exactly how they wanted to.  Not how the wedding blogs or magazines tell you you should do things, not how your mom or your best friend says things should go...but following your gut and your heart and doing things how YOU want to do them.  Emily and Miles are the poster children for following this advice.  Although we didn't even have to give them this recommendation...they did it all on their own.  It was very important to them to have part of their wedding be outside.  However, it was equally important to them to be married in their church, surrounded by all of the friends and family who have nurtured and supported them in their faith journey.  And finally, their priest was only available on Sunday and some of their family had schedule conflicts that would not have allowed them to stay for a reception following the ceremony [you know...how things are usually done]. Did all of these circumstances concern Emily and Miles?  Nope...not in the slightest.  They just rolled with it and did things how THEY wanted to, without worrying about how things are "usually done".  They planned an outdoor reception on Saturday [before the wedding] at gorgeous Mehaffey Park, and then had their ceremony at their church on Sunday.  Brilliant! And one more awesome little tidbit of information...their church, Saint Spyridon's Greek Orthodox,  was in the process of moving to a new location while they were planning their wedding [and had actually already moved most of their belongings to the new building].  However, they made an exception and allowed Emily and Miles to have their ceremony in the stunningly beautiful original building.  Theirs was the very last ceremony, of any sort, to take place in this building.  What an incredibly special experience for them. So, from the food that was lovingly prepared by Miles at his own butcher shop, to the unique order of events.  From the traditional, chanted Greek Orthodox ceremony, to the attendance of two very special guests...Flat Bobby and Flat Clyde...it was truly a weekend to remember.  And one that was beautifully...perfectly...Emily and Miles.  Congratulations guys.  We love you. jason_domingues_photography_best_kansas_city_photographer_kc_weddings_documentary_creative_experienced_portraits_engagement_colorado_loveland






Ceremony | Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox 

Reception | Mehaffey Park

Band | Diamond Empire Band

Food | The Boar & Bull