Katelin | Kansas City Senior

We got an email from Katelin one day saying she loved our work and was interested in having us do her senior pictures.  We replied saying that we don't usually do senior pictures, because they often tend to be too traditional [and even border on cheesy at times], which is not our usual M.O.. We told her that if she truly loved our style and wanted us shoot how we normally do, that we would be honored to work with her.  She was totally on board, so off we went!  Katelin is an absolutely stunning young woman, with a style all her own, and it was important to all of us to bring that out in her photos.  And this session proves that senior pictures don't have to be done as they always have been.  Think outside the box, spend some time reflecting on your own unique personality and style, don't follow the herd...do your own thing!  Congrats on your senior year, Katelin!