Kelsey and Scott | Kansas City Wedding

When Kelsey and Scott contacted us about their wedding, we suspected right off the bat that it would be a great day.  They had selected some fabulous venues, and as we got to know them a bit more, our suspicions were definitely confirmed.  They are SUCH a fun couple [hello....pop-a-shot match during their engagement session], and they have so many awesome family and friends who were there to celebrate with them and support them on their big day.  One of the things that was very important to Kelsey was to have a "first sight" with her dad, and as you will see, it was such a special moment between father and daughter.  Overall, it was just a gorgeous day filled with family and friends, laughter and tears, and lots and lots of fun.  Congratulations guys! jason_domingues_photography_wedding_best_photographer_kansas_city_kc_dark_horse_distillery_lenexa_cor_church_of_the_resurrection_downtown_ks_creative_documentary_0002

Ceremony | Church of the Resurrection Downtown

Reception | Dark Horse Distillery

Flowers | Craig Sole Designs

Catering | Jack Stack Barbeque

Cake | Nancy Stark

Band | The Boulevard Band

Video | Mike Varel