A few of our favorite moments from 2014

We have had a blog for a long time now.  About 10 years.  And throughout that time, we have let our photos do most of the "talking". Partly because, for Jason [the photographer], that is his language, of sorts.  He always felt that there was no need for a bunch of talk, because that would take away from the power of the images, and what he was trying to convey with them.  I [Allison], on the other hand, love the power of words, as well.  And...drumroll please....after much discussion....we have decided to take the blog to a new level and combine both of our talents, to give our readers/followers a little bit of both! So, in the coming months, you will start to see some changes around here.  Of course, we will still be sharing our photos...because a good photo really is worth a thousand words.  But we will be working to add other great content, as well....helpful articles for couples planning their weddings, interviews and info from other great KC wedding vendors, and much much more.  We are so excited, and hope you will add us to your blog feed [we totally know you have already done that...duh].  But just in case you haven't, you can go and do it now.  Like for real...go now.

So, without further ado [yes, this is the proper way of saying this], we present to you some of our very favorite wedding moments from 2014.  Moments and images that really do speak a thousand words.  Enjoy!